H-603 "Cashiers" 3' x 5' Hooked Rug


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H603 Cashiers Cashiers is a beautiful rug. You must LOVE red to fully relate to H603 Cashiers. The field of Cashiers is all unlevel dying of red hues. The variation in the field gives this rug so much interest, and depth. Truly "master" dying is the field of this rug. The lovely flowing border of soft large green leaves, of various shade of green (sage, mint, and sherbet) lie on top of a scroll of rich chocolate and coffee browns. The Outside border made up of a rich deeper red, that is also unlevel dying. Truly a beautiful rug Comes in various sizes: H603 Cashiers 3'x5' H603A Cashiers 2'x8' H603B Cashiers 4'x6' H603C Cashiers 6'x9' H6503D Cashiers 8'x10' H603E Cashiers 9'x12' H603F Cashiers 2'x3'

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