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Posted by jason sumner on 12/8/2011 to Trade Shows/Markets
We are pleased to note that Rug News and Design  www.RugNewsAndDesign.com  reviewed a couple of our many new offerings at the recent High Point Show (October 2011).
Michaelian Home upscale needlepoint rug Sarah Stroh | November 2, 2011 |

 Beautiful Needlepoint Runner by Michaelian Home. This isn’t your grandmothers needlepoint. Refreshing, diverse, traditional and modern is what I think of when I see Michaelian Home’s needlepoint rugs. The green and white runner is only one of many designs they have. This is a thick nubby cross stitch that comes in 8 color ways

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 - http://www.michaelianhome.com/Leeward-Green-W_p_949.html

See all the items on our shopping cart.  Search under the item numbers from NR601 to NR608 to see all the color ways of these rugs.




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