HCP-720 "Camp McFarlin" 18"x18" Hooked Cotton Pillow


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HC720, CAMP MCFARLIN, is one of our Camp Collection of hooked pillows. We have strived to be faithful to the original designs, construction and materials found in the original American hooked rugs. Traditional Hooked rugs are truly an art form. They are made by taking old fabrics and cutting them into narrow strips. The fabrics are then hand dyed with fast cotton dyes, giving the rugs an almost painterly look. Burlap(often recycled food sacks) was used as the foundation. A needle with a hook on it pushed through from the top of the rug, and the fabric was then drawn to the surface. Thus hooked rugs are often called "drawn-in-rugs". The pillows in our Camp Collection are made exactly the same way, one loop at a time. In our attemp to be "green", we use environmentally correct recycled fabrics, where ever possible. Beautiful, with many colors making up the geometric shapes throughout the field. This pillow designs also comes in a rug. HC720 CAMP MCFARLIN.

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