Horsin' Around in Western North Carolina! A few miles down the road from Michaelian Home in Western North Carolina they have recently opened the Tryon International Equestrian Center. The equestrian center is gearing up for its next six-week season with the prize money expected to be greater than $500,000 combined, and with 2,000 spectators estimated per weekend. And some attendance projections say it will be four times that many spectators!!

This is a huge boon for the area and we here at Michaelian Home are thrilled. We love all things equestrian as you can see from our Equestrian Collection of pillows! Get in the action and buy them here: http://www.michaelianhome.com/Equestrian_c_183.html

'Click your heels and imagine a magical place of pastoral beauty in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains that celebrates horses in its history and in its future. The Tryon Resort defines a new era of luxury resorts which offers top level equestrian competition exciting for participants and spectators along with a world class Arnold Palmer designed golf course, future resort and spa and a natural vista perfect for hiking, biking, water sports and the refined art of relaxation. Come for a day or stay for a lifetime... ' -http://www.tryonhorseshows.com/


Ann Weaver

Date 7/10/2017

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