NCU304 Lancaster Hares
NCU-304 "Lancaster Hare" 16" x 16" Needlepoint Pillow

NCU304 Lancaster Hares

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NCU304 NCU304 Lancaster Hares    is a Petitpoint handmade pillow, 16"x16". This sweet pillow is very Classical in design. The entire pillow has a soft toffee color to it. Two English Hares center the pillow. The Hares sit in a field that is a grass lined and surrounded by trees. The Hares are soft Tans, Chocolate Browns, and Flesh tones. The landscape is made up of Olive Greens, Tans, Punchy Gold, and Flesh tones. A Rosey Rust outline and crown flank each corner of this pillow. This pillow could be in Buckingham Palace or your palace. Excellent in a den, or Kitchen, also sweet on a twin bed. Beige cotton velvet zippered back. NCU304 Lancastrer Hares are a companion pillow to: NCU303 Lancaster Deer NCU305 Lancaster Dogs

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