NCU-968 Goldfinch with Sunflower 18" x 18" needlepoint pillow


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NCU968 GOLDFINCH WITH SUNFLOWER 18"x18" Needlepoint Pillow

 Beautiful handmade needlepoint pillow. Watercolor in style, this beautiful pillow is action in motion. Lovely rich Yellow and golds. A fat little Gold Finch is nestled on a Large sunflower..Truly a work of art. Companion pillow to NCU967 and N969 .

 The male in breeding plumage is bright yellow with a black forehead, wings, and tail. He has one white wing-bar on each wing and white on his tail. Outside of the breeding season, the male is drab brown with hints of yellow and white wing-bars. In both breeding and non-breeding plumage, he has white undertail coverts contrasting with the yellow undertail coverts of the Lesser Goldfinch. The female in breeding plumage is yellowish-gray-brown on top and varies in color from bright yellow to dull yellow underneath. She has two light wing-bars on each wing and a light-colored bill. Her tail is black with white outer tips. Outside of the breeding season, she is gray above and below, and has less distinct wing-bars and a darker bill.

100% wool with a cotton velvet zippered back. Removable insert.  Dry clean only.

All pillows come with a poly insert. Down Stuffers are available as an luxurious alternative. Look for Part Number SD-1818 for a Down Stuffer suitable to give your 18" x 18" pillow a classic 'overstuffed' look.

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