Pennies never go out of style!

Posted by 3dcartadmin on 11/15/2013 to Rugs

Pennies never go out of style, no matter what your style! We've put the pattern to the test and it clearly looks terrific in any era and now OUTSIDE AS WELL! The timeless and popular Pennies collection of rugs from Michaelian Home, which consists of Pennies, Blue Pennies, Brown Pennies, Green Pennies in round and rectangle sizes and custom sizes has been added to our INDOOR/OUTDOOR line of rugs! These indoor outdoor rugs are made of delustered polypropylene that not only looks like traditional tufted wool rugs, but also moderately resists most conditions: water, snow, sun and pets! Easy Clean!!

Important Note: Mood lighting not included.

Enjoy Michaelian Home in its entirety at www.michaelianhome.com



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