Black and White in Design

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Black and White in Design


Color is very often considered the most important aspect of interior design; standing head and shoulders above design, scale, use, materials etc. 

But just like a black and white film, the absence of color can create a dream like quality.  This allows the voyeur to fill in colors from one's own mind.  I once took a few still life painting classes.  The most difficult class was an "extra credit" exercise in which the teacher put on a table a draping of white sheets and white vases and cups.  We were to paint what we saw using NO white.  It is amazing what comes of that - in fact, very vivid colors.


Note the many film noir greats through the decades - right up to the present period:  The Maltese Falcon (1944), Casablanca (1942) and China Town (Roman Polanski, 1974).


Thus for us, these black/white rugs and kitchen towels can achieve the "architectural" look that is very forward.

Atlanta Market - Come See Us

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March Madness

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Michaelian Home will be at the
Atlanta Spring Gift, Home and Holiday Market
THIS week
 in Building 1, 9E-23,  March 8-10 2017.

 Come see Carol Lyne and Sherry, our MVPs, and they will slam dunk your spring orders for you!
We hope to see you there, we will have lots of spring show specials, new products premiere and more!


Atlanta Fall Market

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Michaelian Home heads to Altanta with a stunning array of new products

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Adding to their existing collections and expanding with new lines of accessories, Michaelian Home always has something extraordinary to add to your home.

Michaelian Home has a rich history in the textile business dating back to the 1920s when Frank Michaelian, grandfather of current owner Jason Sumner, was one of the first Americans to import from the Middle East and India. During this time, Frank Michaelian also set up a weaving center in China and he started a rug hooking mill in North Carolina. In doing so, he created a line of the finest hand knotted rugs, needlepoint pillows, and hooked rugs;  a legacy that continues today.

Michaelian Home, along with its existing line of hand hooked wool and cotton rugs, needlepoint pillows, hooked wool and cotton pillows, also now offers benches, stools, travel bags, and coverlets.  In 2016 Michaelian Home added a variety of new items including a line of handspun and hand-loomed shawls and throws, a line of creatively printed and embroidery-embellished pillows, and a line of chain stitched pillows. New designs include many seasonal and animal accents, mountain lifestyle themes, nautical offerings, golf designs and also a revival of many historical Michaelian Home designs. These new designs, featuring artistry of designers Betsy Whatley,  Robin Sanson, and WILLIAMSBURG prove that while Michaelian Home continues to offer traditional and classic designs while staying  abreast of the latest fashion trends. Michaelian Home  often creates the unique new products that drive those trends. Always striving  to keep a fresh perspective, they travel the world for inspiration and to source the highest quality materials.

Michaelian Home’s entire line can be seen in Building 1 at Americas Mart, Floor 9, E-23 from Tuesday July 12 through Tuesday July 19.  Michaelian Home is participating in several floor events during the market. Daily Show Specials,  a floor-wide Wine and Dine on Nine event featuring food and beverages will be held on Friday July 16 from 4-7pm. A Sunday Funday floor event showcasing a variety of show specials  along with donuts will be on Sunday the 17th from 10am-1pm.  For more information, call Carol Lyne Sumner at 800-258-3977 or visit michaelianhome.com  

Highpoint Trade Show in October

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Some fun photos displaying some new products and some classics at the High Point Trade Show. For more information on these items or other decorating ideas, please feel free to call us at 1-800-258-3977. Or visit our website at www.michaelianhome.com

Western North Carolina and the Advent of Christmas in July

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Western North Carolina and the Advent of Christmas in July
Did you know that the first reference to the phrase 'Christmas in July' happened right here in western North Carolina? In July 1933, Camp Keystone, a girl's summer camp in Brevard, North Carolina, celebrated with a Christmas tree, gifts, and a visit by Santa Claus. A few years later the idea became a nationwide phenomenon with the release of a movie with the same title. American advertisers began using Christmas in July themes in print for summertime sales as early as 1950 and the idea has been going strong world-wide ever since, especially in the southern hemisphere where July is their winter season. Christmas in July or Midwinter Christmas events are held in order to have Christmas with a winter feel like in the northern hemisphere. In the United States, Christmas in July is often used as a marketing tool, however, at Michaelian Home, we want to use the camp-inspired holiday to celebrate not just the wonder of Christmas but also all of the world-renowned camps in our area. Western North Carolina is home to more summer camps than we can count, each one more famous than the last. And Michaelian Home, headquarted in western NC has designed entire collections with these camps as inspiration. Camp rugs and pillows are our specialty and delight. So yes, this year we will indeed be celebrating Christmas in July. Happy Holiday from our home to yours! You can browse through our Camp rug collection here and Camp pillows here  .  You can check out Holiday themed rugs here  and here.
Christmas in JulyCamp Blowing Rock
Pictured, Stockings and Pillows from Holiday Collection. Including, the new Western Santa rug and pillow.  Pictured on right is the amazing Camp Blowing Rock Rug. A Western North Carolina inspiration.

High Point Show April 2014

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See you at the High Point Show

High Point Show April 5-10 2014

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Come see us at the High Point International Furniture Market. Many show specials!

Springtime in High Point means Pastels

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Come see us and the rugs and pillows at Suites at Market Square G-1019
     April 5 through April 19
Camp Blowing Rug Hooked Cotton Rug  Camp Blowing Rock
Ikat Prune Wool Hooked Pillow Ikat Prune
Wisteria Needlepoint Pillow  Wisteria
Liesl Needlepoint Pillow Liesl

Blue display in our Atlanta Window

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Phases of the Moon  in our Display window in the Atlanta Market.  Walls painted blue with the back drop of our Phases of the Moon hooked wool Rug (H-145) creates a bit of an eerie scene.
Phases of the Moon
Blue Putnam rug on the floor
Putnam Blue
And our new Bloomer pillows around the sides.
Bloomers 1 20" x 20" Hooked Pillow

Lu Rug (H-676) at Atlanta January 2014 Show

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Lu Rug (H676). Available in Sizes 2'x3' through 6'x9'.  Lots of great color on a neutral field. Looks great against the color of our Bloomer hooked pillows.
LU - H676

Rug Displays

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These are some old textiles "carts". I am thinking about using them for rug displays.  Rug displays are a problem for us and I know for our shop customers. 
Take 2x3 or 3x5 rugs and roll them with the face on the outside.  Put a nice tie string around the rug and put them into these carts.  It does the trick and looks great.
What do you think?
Jason Sumner

Photos from High Point Market

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If you remembered from last week's post, Michaelian Home was at the High Point Market all week displaying our fabulous designs.  Here are some photos from the event. Look at all the colors and textures!! If you have any questions about the products,  feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you!

Why High Point, NC?

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Michaelian Home is currently exhibiting its wares at the High Point Market in High Point, NC. We will be there through the 24th. How did a famous international furniture market end up in the middle of North Carolina? Well, interesting story...English settlers produced furniture on a small scale since the 17th century. After the Civil War, cheaper labor was available and the furniture industry gained traction in the area with help from the fact that High Point is located in the Peidmont region of NC which lends access to vast tracts of hardwood forest. High Point was also located at a junction of the railroad and the main state road through North Carolina. Over the years, more and more farmers left the fields in search of industrial jobs in High Point and the reputation of the area for producing high quality furniture grew until now not only is High Point known as 'The Furniture Capital of the World', the market that is hosted there twice a year is the largest of its kind. Michaelian Home continues this fine tradition of NC artistry with its home accents. You just need to touch one of our rugs or pillows to realize the quality that made High Point a sensation in the furniture market, is the same that has made Michaelian Home what it is today in the fine floor covering and accessories market. Visit us at the Market or online at www.michaelianhome.com today!
*photo from the ncpedia  about Frederick Nelson Tate, High Point civic leader and pioneer furniture manufacturer,

Michaelian Home in Atlanta

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Michaelian Home will be at the
Building 1, Suite 9-E-23
July 10th-17th, 2013 
Check out our show schedule for 2013


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AMERICA'S MAGNIFICENT CARPET AWARDS - Michaelian Home has submitted 2 rugs  for this award. HC722 Camp Bear Wallow and H630 Fandango.
The Awards will be held at the Georgia Aquarium at 6pm on Friday, January 13th.

Michaelian Home showroom is in Building #1 (America's Mart) . Showroom # 9E-23. These 2 rugs can be seen in our showroom. The show runs from today, January 11, 2012  through Wednesday January 18.

New Denim Flat Weave Rugs

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New Denim Flat Weave rugs to be shown at the Atlanta Gift Show which starts Wednesday January 11 and runs through January 18. Showroom located in Building #1 , 9th floor. (9-E23) We will also being showing these rugs at the upcoming New York Show at the Jacob Javits Center. At Home section, Space 7842-7844. January 29 through February 2nd.

Gross Point Needlepoint Line

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Rug News and Design wrote up a review of our Gross Point Needlepoint Rugs as seen at the High Point Show

High Point Show October 19 to 24th

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High Point furniture show is around the corner - October 19th- through 24th.

Start of our blog

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We are up and running with our new blog. We look forward to having fun with this.