The Williamsburg Licensee meeting was very interesting this year as there was a good deal on everyone's plate.  New products, new licensees, and lots of  new marketing initiatives from Williamsburg.  To be honest, the problem has been that Williamsburg has an "old fashion" connotation to it.  However, that can be both a good problem and a bad problem.  The good problem is that good  style, whether old or new,  is timeless.  In fact, the marketing tag line that we have been working with for about 5 years is


There have been other monikers used over the last few year, for example "Be Part of the Story".  But the decision has been made, and I believe wisely, to keep to one tag line.

The great part of the meeting (other than just being there and seeing and hearing the fife and drum marchers  and witnessing Thomas Jefferson in person!) was seeing the collection of designs they have in their archives.   I saw mens suits from 1750 that were screaming canary yellow with beautiful purple embroidery.  Really a sight to see. Probably will be toned down some for modern use, but certainly inspiration for some of our needlepoint and embroidered pillows.  Stay tuned....

One of  our great  needlepoint pillows in a chair in the lobby of  The Lodge at Williamsburg.
(NCU133 - Orvieto)

Ok --- everything was not toooo serious... See below some of the licensees trying to spell out a word using the Colonial alphabet book..Colored illustrations are taken from the Comical Hotch-Potch or the Alphabet turn'd Posture-Master, a hand colored print published in London in 1782 by Carrington Bowles.


Elizabeth Youngdahl

Date 11/1/2012

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