Photos from High Point Market

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If you remembered from last week's post, Michaelian Home was at the High Point Market all week displaying our fabulous designs.  Here are some photos from the event. Look at all the colors and textures!! If you have any questions about the products,  feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you!

Why High Point, NC?

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Michaelian Home is currently exhibiting its wares at the High Point Market in High Point, NC. We will be there through the 24th. How did a famous international furniture market end up in the middle of North Carolina? Well, interesting story...English settlers produced furniture on a small scale since the 17th century. After the Civil War, cheaper labor was available and the furniture industry gained traction in the area with help from the fact that High Point is located in the Peidmont region of NC which lends access to vast tracts of hardwood forest. High Point was also located at a junction of the railroad and the main state road through North Carolina. Over the years, more and more farmers left the fields in search of industrial jobs in High Point and the reputation of the area for producing high quality furniture grew until now not only is High Point known as 'The Furniture Capital of the World', the market that is hosted there twice a year is the largest of its kind. Michaelian Home continues this fine tradition of NC artistry with its home accents. You just need to touch one of our rugs or pillows to realize the quality that made High Point a sensation in the furniture market, is the same that has made Michaelian Home what it is today in the fine floor covering and accessories market. Visit us at the Market or online at www.michaelianhome.com today!
*photo from the ncpedia  about Frederick Nelson Tate, High Point civic leader and pioneer furniture manufacturer,

New Collection of Bloomer pillows

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We've done several features on 'Art as Inspiration' for our pillow and rug designs and this new line of Bloomer pillows are no exception. This whimsical line of pillows were inspired by original artwork from Barbara Gilhooly Mighty Fine Art.

"I became a new gardener, or an accidental gardener, when I moved to Colorado three years ago. My interest in growing things had been dormant for the 21 years I lived in downtown St. Paul, MN. Now that I have outdoor space and abundant sunshine, I'm inspired to learn how to grow things.
I am drawn to the organic shapes of botanicals and often use abstracted versions in my work. I enjoy the liberty of possibilities with all the variety of shapes and colors in the plant world. Once I identify a theme for a show, I am able to launch a series of work."- Barbara
Gilhooly works as a visual artist and maintains an active exhibition schedule. Recently, her work was shown in Paris, New York, Colorado, and several exhibitions in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN. She works in a variety of materials and is known for her sculptural wire, paintings on wood panels and playful 'Misfit' found-object assemblages of aircraft, angels, and ‘Tin Folk’ portraits. Gilhooly's paintings are represented by Gallery 360 in Minneapolis and 44T Artspace in Denver. Gilhooly's work has appeared in numerous publications, including: Interior Design, Metropolitan Home, Midwest Home & Garden, Metro, Minnesota Monthly, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, and Canadian Art.
Find out more about her work at http://www.barbaragilhooly.com/

Some of the original 'Bloomer' paintings are available through her Denver Gallery: 44T Art Space at Metro Frame Works, http://www.metroframeworks.com/

These exciting pillows will be available on the Michaelian Home website in a few days, check back with us. www.michaelianhome.com

Dog Days of Fall? Sure! Why not?

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