Black and White in Design

Posted by Jason Sumner on 11/23/2020 to Trade Shows/Markets

Black and White in Design


Color is very often considered the most important aspect of interior design; standing head and shoulders above design, scale, use, materials etc. 

But just like a black and white film, the absence of color can create a dream like quality.  This allows the voyeur to fill in colors from one's own mind.  I once took a few still life painting classes.  The most difficult class was an "extra credit" exercise in which the teacher put on a table a draping of white sheets and white vases and cups.  We were to paint what we saw using NO white.  It is amazing what comes of that - in fact, very vivid colors.


Note the many film noir greats through the decades - right up to the present period:  The Maltese Falcon (1944), Casablanca (1942) and China Town (Roman Polanski, 1974).


Thus for us, these black/white rugs and kitchen towels can achieve the "architectural" look that is very forward.

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