Western North Carolina and the Advent of Christmas in July

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Western North Carolina and the Advent of Christmas in July
Did you know that the first reference to the phrase 'Christmas in July' happened right here in western North Carolina? In July 1933, Camp Keystone, a girl's summer camp in Brevard, North Carolina, celebrated with a Christmas tree, gifts, and a visit by Santa Claus. A few years later the idea became a nationwide phenomenon with the release of a movie with the same title. American advertisers began using Christmas in July themes in print for summertime sales as early as 1950 and the idea has been going strong world-wide ever since, especially in the southern hemisphere where July is their winter season. Christmas in July or Midwinter Christmas events are held in order to have Christmas with a winter feel like in the northern hemisphere. In the United States, Christmas in July is often used as a marketing tool, however, at Michaelian Home, we want to use the camp-inspired holiday to celebrate not just the wonder of Christmas but also all of the world-renowned camps in our area. Western North Carolina is home to more summer camps than we can count, each one more famous than the last. And Michaelian Home, headquarted in western NC has designed entire collections with these camps as inspiration. Camp rugs and pillows are our specialty and delight. So yes, this year we will indeed be celebrating Christmas in July. Happy Holiday from our home to yours! You can browse through our Camp rug collection here and Camp pillows here  .  You can check out Holiday themed rugs here  and here.
Christmas in JulyCamp Blowing Rock
Pictured, Stockings and Pillows from Holiday Collection. Including, the new Western Santa rug and pillow.  Pictured on right is the amazing Camp Blowing Rock Rug. A Western North Carolina inspiration.
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