Money Can't Buy Happiness but it Can Buy Cow PIllows!

Cow pillows
Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy cow pillows which is pretty much the same thing. These cow pillows are 20% off (LAST DAY!) this month for online orders at
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Breaking News, Dragons are Coming!

Dunmore dragon pillows
Breaking News! Dragons are coming!!! The shipment of our new Dunmore Dragon Collection will be here within the hour! This is such an amazing collection of pillows and rugs. They are hand hooked pillows made from 100% wool with a cotton velvet zippered back. Chinese Dragons roared in 18th-Century England. Such a dragon, wrapped a 1750s British delft punch bowl in the Colonial Williamsburg collection inspired the Dunmore Dragons collection. These dragons (also called "foo dogs," which look like a cross between a dragon and tiger) promise to be tame pets on your sofa, offering a global chic straight from the 18th century. Trend meets tradition with WILLIAMSBURG home furnishings. Look for them online at or call us at 1-800-258-3977.
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Horsin' Around in Western North Carolina!

A few miles down the road from Michaelian Home in Western North Carolina they have recently opened the Tryon International Equestrian Center. The equestrian center is gearing up for its next six-week season with the prize money expected to be greater than $500,000 combined, and with 2,000 spectators estimated per weekend. And some attendance projections say it will be four times that many spectators!!

This is a huge boon for the area and we here at Michaelian Home are thrilled. We love all things equestrian as you can see from our Equestrian Collection of pillows! Get in the action and buy them here:

'Click your heels and imagine a magical place of pastoral beauty in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains that celebrates horses in its history and in its future. The Tryon Resort defines a new era of luxury resorts which offers top level equestrian competition exciting for participants and spectators along with a world class Arnold Palmer designed golf course, future resort and spa and a natural vista perfect for hiking, biking, water sports and the refined art of relaxation. Come for a day or stay for a lifetime... ' -
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Bring Some Farm and Ranch to Your Home Today

After the sunburn of the day
handling a pitchfork at a hayrack,
after the eggs and biscuit and coffee,
the pearl-gray haystacks
in the gloaming
are cool prayers
to the harvest hands. - Excerpt from The Prairie by Carl Sandburg

Michaelian Home is lucky to be located only a few miles from the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site. Many folks in town still recall seeing Carl driving around town with goats in his car! Descendants of those goats can be found at the site in the goat barn. However, if you can't get up to the barn soon, you can still bring some farm and ranch home this month with Michaelian Home's monthly promo which is 20% off of Farm and Ranch Pillows for online orders. It is that easy to bring a little 'harvest' into your home. Enjoy.


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